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Our Saskatoon based family first law firm offers services in Saskatoon, Regina, Estevan, Prince Albert, Yorkton, Moose Jaw, Weyburn, Lloydminster, and Rural Saskatchewan.

Saskatoon based family first law firm

KDK Legal specializes in high-risk negotiations using the Collaborative Process and when necessary, litigation.

We focus on the following areas:
  • Emergency Court Intervention Applications
  • Family Law Court
  • Enforcement of Orders
  • Marriage Fraud / Annulment
  • Grandparent’s Rights
  • Criminal Charges (Accused)
  • Domestic Disputes (Victims)
  • Comprehensive Dispute Resolution Services
  • Mediation and Collaborative Law
  • Parenting Coordination
  • Joint Divorce Applications
  • Uncontested Divorce
  • Negotiation Strategy
  • Legal Separation Agreement
  • Parenting Agreements
  • Interspousal Agreements
  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Limited Scope Advice
  • Family Farm Division
  • Division of Family Home
  • Complex Division of Investments
  • High Net Worth Divorce
  • Collaborative Law Services
  • General Consultations
  • Real Estate Services
  • General Estate Advice
  • Criminal Law Consultations
  • Educational Seminars and Events

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Kayla C. DeMars-Krentz

Founder of Out of Court Divorce™

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What Clients Have Said

“Kayla handled my divorce, it stayed out of the courts thankfully. It was all lawyer driven, which was great for my family and my kids. It absolutely felt like an out of court divorce. I think when you don’t involve the courts you don’t feel someone is deciding your fate. You feel more civil and willing to bargain and compromise. No one felt like they lost and no one harbored ill feelings or revenge. I’m sure not every person can calmly go through a divorce, but l hope with the changes your group are bringing less families will suffer.”

Family Law Client

“Kayla is passionate about the law and changing it for the better and compassionate towards me. She is very ethical, truthful, honest and candid, which is genuinely appreciated, and traits rarely encountered in my experiences. I have highly recommended several of my clients to use her services and will continue to do so. Thank you Kayla for everything you have done for me any my children and I wish you the best in being the pioneer for Out of Court Divorce as the standard normal”

Family Law Client

“J’ai été impression par sa capacite extraordinaire d’apprendre et du ton professionnel qu’elle porte envers ses études et son travail.  Toujours positive et souriante elle est dotée d’une présence énergique qu’elle partage avec d’autres.  Son entregent lui donne l’habileté de travailler et de contribuer au sein d’une équipe.

I was impressed by her extraordinary ability to learn and the professional tone she brings to her studies and work. Always positive and smiling, she has an energetic presence that she shares with others. His interpersonal skills give her the ability to work and contribute to a team.”

Marcel Michaud, Political Analyst and Liaison at Government of Saskatchewan

“I’ve had Kayla represent me on high conflict family law matters and have complete confidence in her knowledge, abilities, and thought processes as a litigator. I believe her fairness in approach would have her positioned as an expert mediator. I have dealt with dozens of family law lawyers for over a decade, and aside from three other lawyers, Kayla is the only other one that I have seen that is truly empathetic to what is in the best interest of children and the plight of a parentally alienated father, and not primarily focused on just generating revenue and moving on to the next court file”

Family Law Client

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Why Choose KDK Legal Virtual Family Lawyers?

KDK Virtual Lawyers has family and criminal lawyers that are ready to fight for you when you need them so you and your family will never face crisis alone.

Kayla DeMars-Krentz has appeared at Family Law Trials in Saskatchewan on over a dozen matters and has successfully recovered double costs of the Trial